Our Culture

Our culture - we do life well!

At Fit For Work, we’re on a constant journey to both define and evolve our culture. This, in turn informs our People Strategy.

We aspire to have a happy and healthy workplace, with environmental and work practices in place that help our people prioritise their own health as well as to support and encourage our colleagues to be the best they can be.

what our people have told us about our culture:

  • The great people who work here are our most important asset.
  • Passionate people who care about their work and do a good job for their clients.
  • Interdisciplinary pioneers leading the way in rehabilitative and occupational health and wellbeing. Fun people who care for and support each other.
  • We value each other for our contributions to the team and the roles we all play in our success.​
  • We treat our clients with respect and kindness and care about achieving a positive outcome.
  • We regard health as being a broad concept, encompassing the physical, psychological, Whanau and spiritual domains of life.

    We can't say it better than they have!