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Getting back into work after an unexpected event

August 3, 2017
Did you know most people today will change jobs ten to fifteen times during their working life? While some workers may choose to change jobs frequently, for others career changes can be highly unexpected. Events such as a life changing injury or a company restructure can leave people struggling to see what their next step will be. This is where Fit For Work, Vocational Consultants, like Debbie Gray come in. As a Vocational Consultant, Debbie’s job is to help clients...
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How to best manage your pain in the workplace

July 24, 2017
How to best manage your pain in the workplace Remaining in work, despite persistent pain, is normally a good idea. Satisfying work is important for our wellbeing, whereas, long term absence and unemployment can have negative effects on our health. In addition to the financial benefit, employment challenges us, gives us purpose and offers opportunities to socialise. Fit For Work physiotherapist Geraldine Kelly says chronic pain is usually defined as having pain on most days for at least three months....

Embracing Aging in the Workplace

June 20, 2017
A “demographic time bomb” is how former Fit For Work Occupational Medicine Specialist Dr Chris Sharp describes the Western world’s increasingly aging population. The United Nations expects that the number of people aged 60 years and older will more than double by 2050. This will have the biggest repercussions for developed countries. In New Zealand, one in every five people will be aged 65 plus by 2031. For the first time in this country, there will be more people aged...

Osseointegration - a life-changing procedure for amputees

May 24, 2017
Osseointegration is a revolutionary procedure now available in New Zealand that Fit for Work has been offering above knee amputees since March 2014, in collaboration with the New Zealand Artificial Limb centres. This life-changing technology involves placing a metal implant into the femur, which serves as a connection point for a prosthetic leg. With correct rehabilitation, the bone will grow into the implant and create a single, stable structure. Fit for Work has the only Specialist Osseointegration Rehabilitation Team (SORT)...

Aviva Work Place Trials support back-to-work journeys

Formerly known as Christchurch Women’s Refuge, Aviva provides services to individuals and families to free them from family violence. The organisation works with 1500 clients every year, and since its establishment in 1973, has supported thousands of Canterbury women, children, and men. Christine Wallace, former Finance and HR Manager at Aviva, says the organisation works hard to support people to “be the best they can be.” Over the last three years, this has included working alongside Fit for Work to...

New look Fit For Work covered in NZEntrepreneur Online

April 5, 2017
Work Rehab and Fit For Work are joining forces to provide the most comprehensive range of occupational health services available from any company in New Zealand. For more information, click here: http://nzentrepreneur.co.nz/new-occupational-health-company-first-type-new-zealand/
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What is Presenteeism and how can it affect your business?

April 4, 2017
All employers know the disruption absenteeism can cause in the workplace, but most are unlikely to have thought about presenteeism and the fallout from it. Presenteeism is when employees turn up to work but are unfit to do their job because of poor physical or mental health. It’s an increasing trend that is costing businesses across the world billions of dollars each year. Absences due to sickness or injury cost New Zealand businesses $1.45 billion a year, yet data from...
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