Aging in the Workplace

Keep moving, work longer!

December 13, 2017
No matter what your age, it is never too late too start exercising says Fit For Work Physiotherapist Ellen Smoothy. There are a number of benefits to keeping up exercise as you age including maintaining or losing weight, reducing the impact of illness, and improving sleep. However, one of the biggest positives is the increased likelihood of being injury free and therefore maintaining employment. “As we get older it is not uncommon for people to slow down on their physical...

Embracing Aging in the Workplace

June 20, 2017
A “demographic time bomb” is how former Fit For Work Occupational Medicine Specialist Dr Chris Sharp describes the Western world’s increasingly aging population. The United Nations expects that the number of people aged 60 years and older will more than double by 2050. This will have the biggest repercussions for developed countries. In New Zealand, one in every five people will be aged 65 plus by 2031. For the first time in this country, there will be more people aged...