Occupational Therapy

What is it like to work as an Occupational Therapist?

October 26, 2018
It's Occupational Therapy week. Fit For Work team member Lois Hill discusses what it is like to be an Occupational Therapsit and why it is a smart career choice. What do you do on a daily basis to assist people to improve their wellbeing and quality of life? For many people work is an integral part of who they are. It gives them a sense of identity, a, social network, provides routine and financial security. Being unable to work due...

The Role of Cultural Competence in Occupational Therapy

October 25, 2018
Fit For Work Occupational Therapist Rachel Thomas talks about the role of Cultural Competence in Occupational Therapy Cultural competence is the ability to understand, communicate with and effectively interact with people across cultures. I was recently kindly gifted this beautiful Paua Shell and Pounamu from a Maori client that I have been engaging with in a back to work programme. I was thrilled to receive such a lovely gift, especially because at the beginning of the journey, I noticed that...