Workplace Wellness

How to best manage your pain in the workplace

July 24, 2017
How to best manage your pain in the workplace Remaining in work, despite persistent pain, is normally a good idea. Satisfying work is important for our wellbeing, whereas, long term absence and unemployment can have negative effects on our health. In addition to the financial benefit, employment challenges us, gives us purpose and offers opportunities to socialise. Fit For Work physiotherapist Geraldine Kelly says chronic pain is usually defined as having pain on most days for at least three months....

What is Presenteeism and how can it affect your business?

April 4, 2017
All employers know the disruption absenteeism can cause in the workplace, but most are unlikely to have thought about presenteeism and the fallout from it. Presenteeism is when employees turn up to work but are unfit to do their job because of poor physical or mental health. It’s an increasing trend that is costing businesses across the world billions of dollars each year. Absences due to sickness or injury cost New Zealand businesses $1.45 billion a year, yet data from...