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COVID 19 Service Update – 25th March

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COVID 19 Service Update – 25th March

Following the announcement that New Zealand will be moving to a Level 4 Alert as of midnight tonight, we would like to advise that Proactive/Fit For Work will continue to operate albeit in a different way.

We will provide limited services face to face for essential workers only, ensuring minimal risk to all parties, but are set up to provide the majority of our services via telehealth (phone or videoconference services).

In particular, please know that we are here to support our companies and clients and want to help keep you well so you are ready to launch back into business as usual in a few weeks’ time.

Ways in which we can help are:

Pre-employment medicals– these can continue in a limited way for companies providing essential services. We will provide and review pre-employment questionnaires to gather a full history of candidates and can complete essential components for safety at work such as drug testing and basic functional assessment. Please call us to discuss the requirements.

Workstation set up support- we are able to provide this service via telehealth. As many employees are capable of working from home it is important they are set up correctly to avoid pain and discomfort developing over the lock down. Our OT’s and Physios can review a workstation set up via video and can advise on safer ways of working.

Physiotherapy services – we currently provide a triage and advice via telehealth for several companies and can expand these services for any of your employees with pain or discomfort or an injury. ACC has approved the use of telehealth for all physiotherapy treatment – you can find more information on use of telehealth here.

Vocational rehabilitation – Our staff have a good knowledge of a full range of  businesses and the different roles within them. This enables us to appropriately support your employee with the rehab (education and physio) they need via telehealth to help them recover post injury or illness. We are also able to help them return to work at home, where this is an option you can facilitate.  This means return to productivity earlier and will support a smoother transition back to the workplace for your employee once the government releases the restrictions.

Psychology services – at this time we know many people are anxious so if any of your staff need support beyond that provided by EAP counselling service we have several clinical psychologists available to help.

Wellbeing Education – Four Corners of Health Wellbeing workshops – sleep, nutrition, mindset, function. These can be presented on-line to ensure staff are looking after themselves through this difficult time.

Physical fitness programmes – our exercise physiologists and physiotherapists can provide on-line exercise programmes for your staff to do at home including Pilates classes.

Occupational medical services – Our occupational physicians are available to advise on any concerns you may have related to COVID-19 and your workforce, and if you have any staff requiring an assessment in regards to fitness for work via telehealth.

Career management and redundancy support – should any of your staff be made redundant our Vocational Consultants and Career Practitioners can support them to look at their future career direction, writing a CV, developing job search skills, and finding work.

If you would like more information or a quote for any of these services please get in touch with us at or call with Kelly Harbour, Contracts Manager (022 020 9202) or Marissa Cope, Business Development Manager (021 299 1161).

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