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Fit For Work has expanded its services!

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Fit For Work has expanded its services!

Fit For Work now offers Workplace Health Monitoring and Drug and Alcohol Testing to complement our other Occupational Health services.

Many workplace environments pose risks to employees that need to be monitored and minimised. There is a legal requirement under the Health and Safety at Work Act for employers to monitor the health of their workers where risk has been identified.

As part of our total workplace health solutions, Fit For Work now offers the following Workplace Health Monitoring Services:

  • Hearing testing – Audiometry assessment to check on hearing from noise exposure in the workplace.
  • Lung function testing – Spirometry assessment to test lung function from contaminant exposures such as: dust, fibres, fumes and gases.
  • Vision assessments – Close up and distance, and/or colour visual assessment to ensure good vision for safety at work.

For more information, click here: Workplace Health Monitoring Services brochure

Our pre-employment, random and reasonable-cause drug and alcohol testing helps your organisation to:

  • improve workplace safety for all workers and
  • achieve and maintain a drug and alcohol-free workplace.

Our testing is undertaken by qualified Occupational Health Nurses and Technicians and will ensure that your workplace environment or workers are not risking the health and safety of your workforce.

We provide onsite monitoring, reporting of test results and recommendation for further actions.

For more information, click here: Drug and Alcohol Testing brochure

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