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Helping clients with serious injuries get back to work


Helping clients with serious injuries get back to work

Vocational Consultants work with clientele that have sustained injuries and who have been advised by a medical professional that they can no longer do the job that they were doing at the time the injury occurred. Vocational Consultants help them with upskilling and training so that they can develop additional skills to enable them to find alternate, medically suitable work.

Fit For Work Vocational Consultant Zoe specialises in working with serious injury clients. “My clients are complex because their injuries are permanent. Because of an accident which has occurred, my clients have been left with a permanent injury, such as brain injury, amputation, spinal injury etc. They often have a variety of different stakeholders involved in their rehabilitation, but their issues don’t cease, and ongoing support is often required for the rest of their lives, in some form”.

Zoe links the client with other specialists such as a Psychologist, or an Occupational Therapist to ensure that their new worksite is suitable for them to work in and is accommodating of the ongoing injury that they may be managing.  Zoe provides job market education and can recommend courses, which can boost skills, confidence and helps to provide structure in their life. She also helps with pre-employment preparation including CV and cover letter writing and interview skills. “We all know that work is good for physical and mental wellbeing, which is something I truly believe in.”

Zoe finds her role hugely rewarding. “The most satisfying part of my job is when you’ve been working with a client for an extended period of time, sometimes up to three years; and they come to you, they’re struggling to figure out how to move forward, both in their personal life as well as their career-based working life. However, after the period of time you’ve spent with them, you almost see a completely new person that has new confidence through the vocational based training they have received and then using this to secure a job.” Zoe helps them to understand that despite having an accident resulting in an injury which closes one door, there are other opportunities out there. She says, “I work to support them to achieve their goals, by enabling them to feel as if despite injury and various challenges, the world is still their oyster.”

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