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How to Arrive Home Safely – A guide for essential workers


How to Arrive Home Safely – A guide for essential workers

As essential workers it is very important that you protect your people in your bubble and stop the spread of COVID 19. Here are some tips and routines to follow to keep your whanau safe from contamination.

Before leaving work

Shower or change out of work clothes if you can. Put soiled work clothes into a plastic bag.

Arriving home

Keep hand sanitiser or disinfectant wipes in your car. Wipe hands, steering wheel controls and door/bike handles with disinfectant

Knock on front door

Ensure it is opened from the inside, with the person opening stepping back and away from you by 2 meters

Shout hello

To loved ones - no cuddles yet!

Have a plastic box at the door

Take off shoes and outer clothes, coat, bag, keys, pens and glasses. Wipe these down with a damp soapy cloth.


Keep at work in a clear zip lock bag. Empty out of bag into box. Wipe phone clean and throw away the bag.

Work bag

Make sure this is machine washable. Keep in a locker at work and in the box at your front door at home

Clothes into washing machine

Do not touch doors, get someone to open for you. Take your work clothes to the washing machine. If you haven't changed clothes at your workplace, place them straight into the washing machine on their own. Wash your hands first before touching the washing machine etc. Wash on a normal cycle, no need for extra disinfectant.

Shower or wash

This may require you to do a birthday suit run to the shower/wash area from the laundry- so place a towel in the laundry if you need to. Wash or shower especially hands, arms and face with soap and water.

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