STEPtember Update

September 25, 2017

At just half way through STEPtember, Fit For Work had already completed a total number of 7,527,200 steps and counting!

We have been busy stepping up and down the country. A group of us recently walked the Mount Somers Track and it was a great day full of sweat, tears and laughter. There were some beautiful views at the end when we reached Woolshed Creek Hut. If you are keen for a fun adventure with the family, this overnight tramp is perfect for children or new trampers.

If you’re struggling for ideas on how to keep those steps up, try walking to work or offering to take a friend or neighbours’ dog around the block? Our team has also been going for daily lunchtime walks to make up for all that sitting in the office!


Here is an update on our three leading teams:

  1. Physio4 Health Walkers: This team is leading the race with an impressive 738,807 steps so far. Hailing from Motueka, it is made up of Leanne, two of our wonderful physiotherapists from Physio 4 Health, Liz and Jessica; and Practice Manager, Debbie, who is the glue that holds the team together.

  2. Cosa Nostra: Our second place team have a whopping 703,456 steps under their belt. Three quarters of the team are from our Christchurch branch with one member being based in wonderful Westport. This team is made up of financial wizards Justine, Jenny and Treacey and marvelous West Coast Vocational Consultant Tracy.

  3. Southern Slackers: This team, as the name suggests is from the deep south. Jessica and Breanna have been stepping it up in Dunedin, with Laura and Kim stepping around Invercargill. Congratulations on hitting 693,543 steps already! Getting to 700,000 is just around the corner!


Let us know below what steps you are up to and keep on stepping on!

Until next time

Rhondda (131,097 steps so far!)



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