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Supporting you in moving to Level 3

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Supporting you in moving to Level 3

We are excited that New Zealand has managed to come together and flatten the curve for COVID 19.  We still have significant restrictions in place, but we now need to get prepared for additional business activities and with that comes many questions and need for additional risk assessment.

Managing staff with underlying health conditions

The government remains focused on ensuring that workers with underlying health conditions are not being exposed to COVID 19 infection under Level 3.   As an employer you need to understand whether you have workers with health conditions and if they are able to return to work based on their role and health condition.

Our team, in association with our National Manager of Medical Services Dr Mike England, have produced a process and guidance around assessing risk for workers with underlying health conditions.
We are able to help with:

  • Identifying what category of risk your work roles fit into
  • The impact of each alert level on risk categories and return to work
  • Establishing a self-screening process to identify workers at risk due to health conditions
  • Assessment process for workers with health condition risk, which would be based on role and alert level, and start with GP review and then follow on with Occupational Physician review if you are still uncertain of risk or return to work recommendations

The established process would allow you to have a clear picture of your workforce risk level and allow planning of appropriate teams or team members to return to work during each phase of alert levels.  This will provide information for business continuity planning and task/role structuring within the business.

Get in touch to discuss your specific business needs here


Infection Control Support

As more people move back into the workplace it is very important that good infection control principles and processes are developed to limit possible COVID 19 infection.  Our Medical and Nursing team can provide advice and support on:

  • Your COVID 19 Safety Plan
  • Staff screening and recording on arrival
  • Hygiene measures
    • cleaning and disinfection routine
    • handwashing procedures and locations
    • Toolbox talks, as well as visual and video education
  • Safe Donning and Doffing of PPE
  • Staff sickness policy and procedures
  • Vulnerable staff policy and risk management
  • Setup of physical distancing measures that are right for your business and risk
  • Shift management to reduce “bubbles” at work

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FREE – Home Workstation Setup Video

After many weeks of working at home you may be starting to feel some discomfort if your workstation and wellbeing management aren’t as good as they could be.  Our Ergonomics team have put together an education video for you to share with your employees, whanau and any others you may think might need this, with practical tips on setting up you home workstation.

You can find our Home Workstation setup by clicking it above or the video here.

If pain and discomfort from your workstation is causing you concern, remember we are open for telehealth assessment and injury triage services (see below)


Injury triage service

Research supports early intervention as an effective strategy in supporting an injured employee to return to work in a timely manner. A faster diagnosis and injury management plan can speed up the recovery process and not only reduce the cost to companies and businesses, but also minimise lost time to injury claims. As such, we believe it is imperative to seek timely, appropriate and consistent injury management input from a trusted network of professionals at the earliest opportunity.

With our Injury Triage Service you have access to one of the most responsive early intervention strategies available.

When an employee has a work or non-work related injury, they can be referred by their manager/supervisor for an early triage assessment through a telehealth model.  The early triage assessment consists of a thorough subjective and objective assessment via video-link to establish a provisional diagnosis for the injury and decide on the best approach moving forward. A detailed report will be supplied to the employer after the triage assessment with recommendations around self-management strategies, appropriate work duties, and referral on to clinic-based physiotherapy services if deemed appropriate.

To discuss setting up an Injury Triage Service for your business get in touch here

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