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Work Trial Builds Confidence to Step Back into the Workforce

Work Trial Builds Confidence to Step Back into the Workforce

Fit For Work Vocational Consultant Zoe Cameron met client, Ross in February 2019. Due to a brain injury sustained in a motor vehicle accident, Ross had not worked in over 30 years.  Despite this and the ongoing fatigue challenges he faced, Ross was motivated to work.

Zoe explains, “Ross had the motivation to work, but was unsure of where to begin, having been out of the workforce for such a long time. We came up with a plan to help him develop the skills and confidence to be able to return to the workforce on a part time basis.”

Over the course of nine months, Zoe helped Ross with pre-employment preparation and CV development. Together with other members of the Fit For Work multi-disciplinary team, Zoe arranged for Ross to attend a customer service course, computer training, functional physiotherapy, gym programme, a gym pass to build up his work fitness and a comprehensive first aid course. Ross was also supplied with PEP gear, fluro clothing and steel capped boots.

Local tractor parts company Sparex offered Ross a work trial working in the warehouse, carrying out tasks such as itemising, stocktaking, re-organising, part orders and contacting their pallet supplier.

Ross really enjoys the routine, having something to get up for in the morning and being part of small team. “I really feel like my brain is being used because I’m working with numbers and codes,” Ross explains.

The work trial was a positive experience for both parties. Sparex Warehouse Storeperson, Caleb explains, “Ross had a great five-day week last week. We achieved a lot of things in the warehouse which we were both chuffed about. Towards the end of the week, I could tell he was slightly more exhausted, but nothing out of the ordinary. Anyone would struggle after not being in the workforce for a length of time like he has. Today we shouted Ross a lunch as a thank you to him for helping us out during his trial. We both have goals we want to achieve in the warehouse, and I can see us getting these done with his help.”

Zoe and Ross are both grateful to Sparex for the valuable opportunity to provide these work trials to clients who are transitioning into the workforce. Says Zoe, “Work trials give our clients the opportunity and confidence to get back on their feet. It has been so rewarding to see how Ross has applied his new skills in his work trial and to hear reports from both Ross and Sparex describing a very positive journey and experience for all parties involved.”



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