Medical Case Reviews / Second Opinions for Complex Cases

Occupational Medicine Specialists assist companies to provide solutions for complex cases when there are conflicting medical opinions on the worker’s fitness, or when existing medical reports require comment.

With the worker's consent, the medical, surgical and rehabilitation reports are reviewed and liaison with relevant health providers are completed.

Complex Medical Screening for Fitness for Work

All complex medical screens will be completed by an Occupational Physician, who are experts in determining medical fitness for specified jobs. Complex is defined as workers with prolonged or multiple health/injury issues impacting on capacity to sustain work safely. The worker is notified of the reasons for the medical screen and informed consent obtained. The employer and worker are notified of the results.

Case Management Facilitation (CMF)

Support for employer manager and human relations in cases where health issues are causing excessive sickness absence or performance issues.

  • Referral discussion with manager
  • Occupational Physician telephone assessment
  • Liaison with GP/Specialist where indicated
  • Recommendations report

Health Risk Consultancy

Specialist Occupational Physician Support for employers in regard to managing health risk in the workplace.

  • Specific hazard issues ( E.g. Asbestos or chemical exposure)
  • Individuals or groups of workers
  • Telephone, paper-based or worksite visit

Strategic Projects

Development of workplace health and wellbeing policy.

Insurance Support and Advice

Fit For Work Occupational Physicians provide contracted services to a number of insurance companies regarding interpretation of policy cover in regard to health conditions.