Fit For Work holds the ACC Pain Management Services contract for the South Island.

Our core interdisciplinary teams incorporate Occupational Physicians, Physiotherapists, Occupational Therapists, and Psychologists who specialise in Pain Management. 

The service is also able to access a range of additional multidisciplinary providers, with experience in pain management, to support a client self-management of their pain. 

The Pain Management Service (PMS) is for clients who have persistent pain which prevents them from engaging in their usual activities of daily living. It is for those that have pain related disabilities or those at risk of developing pain-related disabilities following an injury.  

The team’s focus is on supporting the client to develop self-management strategies to manage their pain and allow engagement in everyday activities, including work. 

Pain medication has a role to play, however often we find that the role of our doctors is to reduce medication causing unpleasant side-effects or risk or addiction.