Establishing capacity to work against specified task demands inherent in the job.

Assessment tailored to level of risk and work environment, including any combination of the following:

  • General Health History Questionnaire
  • Fatigue Impact Scale
  • Mood and Anxiety Scales
  • Cognitive Screen
  • Musculoskeletal (Range of movement)
  • Height/weight, blood pressure, BMI
  • Physical examination (other)
  • Audiometry (hearing) and spirometry (lung function) tests
  • Vision
  • Drug and alcohol testing
  • ESR Laboratory drug specimen testing
  • Urinalysis to test blood, glucose, protein, nitrates and leucocytes
  • Glucose, cholesterol and protein prick test
  • ECG - heart rate reading

Combined Medical and Functional Work Capacity Testing (Complex):

Provision of Occupational Physician review and Occupational Therapist functional capacity testing.

Understanding the physical, sensory, cognitive and psychological demands of each job in your company has major benefits for your company:

  • Provides a benchmark against which to measure a worker’s fitness to complete a specified job.
  • Permits grading of rehabilitation programmes (e.g. sedentary to heavy) for workers returning to work after illness/injury.
  • Identifies “Alternative / Light duties" which can be sent to General Practitioners to assist in medical clearances.
  • Identifies risk in jobs (e.g. heaviness and frequency of lifts) in order to minimise, isolate or eliminate risk.