Strategic Review of Health and Wellbeing

Strategic Review of Health and Wellbeing

Research shows that not only do health and wellbeing programmes pay for themselves, but the return on investment (ROI) is between $3 and $15 for every $1 spent (Chapman, 2012).

However, some research also indicates that not all programmes result in positive ROI. The evidence (Hancock, 2011) suggests that to improve the likelihood of success you need to:

  • Tailor programmes to the workplace setting
  • Ensure management commitment and consistent resource support
  • Run integrated programmes that represent the diversity of employee needs
  • Run programmes where participation is encouraged in a variety of ways and
  • Evaluate programmes for return on investment.

Fit For Work believes in providing tailored wellbeing service delivery because the evidence suggest that this supports success. Fit For Work’s occupational physicians have extensive knowledge and experience to provide an evidenced based review of the health and wellbeing of a workforce

The review will:

  • Identifying the health or wellbeing needs of the workforce
  • Review current service provision to determine if this is addressing need or providing a return on investment
  • Liaison with key stakeholders including: executive, health and safety team, management and workers
  • Make recommendations for targeted initiatives based on international evidence and the specific workplace requirements/budget, including identification of priority areas.