Education and Training

Education and Training

Fit For Work offers interactive workshops which educate workers on how to manage specific challenges unique to their job. These include:

  • Managing conflict and challenging behaviour
  • Managing stress, fatigue, shift work
  • Working safely in isolation
  • Managing change
  • Injury prevention (insert link to other page here)
  • Developing supportive workplace and Health and Safety cultures
  • Mindfulness practice

We also offer general health and wellbeing workshops to support the prevention of chronic illnesses and promotion of a healthy lifestyle.  Topics include:

  • Healthy hearts
  • Nutrition seminars
  • Energy at work
  • Fitness
  • Healthy shift work
  • Sleep hygiene
  • Sun safety
  • Alcohol and drug habits

All training can be supported by our Health and Wellbeing Checks and ongoing “stay on track” services. 

We also offer a range of “Work Strategies” courses focused supporting people to gain or maintain employment.