Occupational Therapy

Occupational Therapy

At Fit For Work a large percentage of our staff are Occupational Therapists. Our Managing Director Lenny O’Connell is an Occupational Therapist who started Work Rehab in 2004. The majority of our services are grounded in principles of occupational therapy theory and practise.

Our team of Occupational Therapists work primarily within vocational rehabilitation and are experts at assessing, treating and rehabilitating individuals with a disability, illness or treatment injury.

We are a health-trained profession, competent in understanding the complex and dynamic relationships between the person, environment, work and life roles in relation to health and disability.

Occupational Therapists are distinctly qualified to complete complex task analyses of the workplace or other environments. We use this as a basis to form individual rehabilitation plans alongside assessing the functional capacity of our clients, in relation to their injury and health issues.



Occupational Therapists have a unique skill-set in being client-centered and tailor their inventions to the holistic needs of the client and work with those involved in the rehabilitation or injury management program e.g whanau, employers etc. The assessment process undertaken by the Occupational Therapist can identify gaps between the demands of the job and the individual existing functional abilities and offers solutions to remediate or compensate for the difference.


At Fit For Work our Occupational Therapists complete assessments in the areas of:


Our occupational therapists identify and evaluate supports and barriers to success in the work environment including work culture that can be addressed in the intervention plan to enhance work performance.

Occupational Therapists are involved in the initial assessment phase to assess functional ability, adapting the rehabilitation plan as required to the individual needs of the client in order to support clients in achieving optimal outcomes for all.  They have specialised evaluation skills to evaluate the impact of:

  • wellness
  • cognition
  • physical & mental health
  • psycho-social factors and the
  • environments a person works, lives and interacts with, and
  • individual roles a person fulfills