Environmental Monitoring

Environmental Monitoring

Where hazardous or toxic substances exist in the same environment as workers, and the company is unable to successfully eliminate these substances from working environments, they are required to minimise and monitor worker exposure.

Through our partnerships with a number of Occupational Hygiene and environmental testing companies, Fit For Work can facilitate:

Asbestos Sampling – Measurement of airborne asbestos fibres in workplaces where asbestos is disturbed by construction or removal.

Heat and Cold Stress – Assessment of workers exposed to extremes of temperature, provision of recommendations and education on exposure, duration, PPE and self-management.

Chemical and Dust Exposure – Measurement of specific hazardous dust, fumes and chemicals to compare with legislative standards. (WES – Workplace Exposure Standards)

Fungi and Bacteria Monitoring– Monitoring of airborne fungal spores and bacterial contaminants.

Indoor Air Quality – Sampling and monitoring of workplace and office air quality.

Industrial Noise and Lighting – Environmental and personal noise monitoring. (Specifically required to establish if noise levels exceed 85dBA). Measurement of environmental light levels in comparison with workplace standards.