Health and Safety

Do you know where to start in relation to Health and Safety Risk Assessment and Policies and Procedures?

They don’t have to be complex but they do need to be targeted to your risks and how you will manage them.

Fit For Work can provide targeted advice and support to complete your risk assessment and turn that into easy to understand and follow polices, procedures and guidelines that meet your obligations under the Health and Safety at Work Act.

The services we provide include:

Health & Safety Audits – Audit of Compliance for an entire workplace or specific area based on industry specific Codes and Health and Safety at Work Act (2015) requirements.

Root Cause Analysis for Injuries – Audit and review of injury rate, type and mechanism of injury and time of day occurring in order to identify causes and relation to environment, equipment, work organisations and flow or human factors.

Health and Safety Policies – Development, writing and compilation of Health and Safety Policies for specific identified risks.

Health and Safety Guidelines – Development, writing and compilation of: Health and Safety Manuals; Health and Safety Hazard Registers and Health and Safety Induction Checklists.