Health Management Software

Health Management Software

All of Fit For Work’s occupational health services are underpinned by leading health information management systems, 2Crisk and Gensolve Practice Manager. These systems facilitate safe and secure storage of health information and manage worker/client health data in accordance with health informatics, employment, and privacy laws.

2CRisk Health Management Software

2CRisk is used for all pre-employment and annual health monitoring services and can manage the complete employee lifecycle from pre-employment to health and wellbeing management, injury and case management and exit medicals. It enables the measurement, monitoring and control occupational health risk in one place.

Given that 2Crisk is delivered via ‘the cloud’, it is accessible anywhere and from any device. All users require password access and they are allocated specific security roles, for example:

comprehensive reporting to support decision making

Fit For Work has completed several all-of-government Cloud Risk Assessment tools for 2CRisk implementation and it has met all privacy and health and safety legislation requirements.

Any data entered into 2CRisk can be reported upon.

Detailed anonymised and specific reporting can be generated on company health profile, interventions, outcomes, timeframes, health monitoring results and trends.

This reporting supports effective decision making for occupational health strategy, service planning and targeted intervention.

In relation to specific worker health data, if consent is appropriately gained and specifically relates to health at work, this can be provided quickly and in several ways to the workers and the company.

Gensolve Practice Manager

To ensure that our clients’ health records are secure, our appointments easy to manage, and appropriate communication between our interdisciplinary team, Fit For Work utilises Gensovle Practice Manager as our patient and practice management software for our rehabilitation and injury management services. 

Gensolve is securely hosted in the Cloud, allowing access for our staff from any location and real time updating of any appointments or records.  We are able to generate custom forms and reports from Gensolve, which can be accessed and used consistently by all our staff and providers. 

Gensolve is also integrated with ACC contracts for KPI reporting and invoicing.  Our Gensovle systems and processes have been audited and passed by Health and Disability Auditing New Zealand (HDANZ).