Vocational Medical Services

Provision of the full range of ACC VMS contract services by Occupational Physicians to employers, TPAs (Third Party Administrators) and ACC.

  • Vocational Medical Advisory (VMA)
  • Vocational Rehabilitation Review (VRR)
  • Initial Medical Assessment (IMA)
  • Vocational Independence Medical Assessment (VIMA)

Return to Work Programmes

Research clearly shows that remaining at work or early return to work post medical or injury-related event, results in more positive outcomes for both the worker and employer.

The key to the success of such programmes is the design of the return to work programme incorporating appropriate workplace accommodations.

Fit For Work has an inter-disciplinary team work approach between the Company, Worker, Doctor and Allied Health Professional towards achieving timely and sustainable return to work outcomes.

Early Intervention Clinics:

Clinics can be short term or long term and are usually instigated when clusters of injuries / medical conditions are prevalent in the company or specific departments. 

  • Cost-effective early intervention that assists workers with early signs of musculoskeletal disorders or medical conditions. Recommended return to work and workplace accommodation plans.
  • Worker education on exercise, posture, movement including restrictions and health benefits
  • Fast resolution of symptoms.

Workplace Assessments

Workplace Assessment (with or without monitoring)

Workplace Assessment and monitoring for workers with complex health presentations likely to result in prolonged periods off work:

  • Workplace Assessment including the worker and job demand
  • Identification of causative factors
  • Return to Work Plan with recommended accommodations /rehabilitation for Employer and General Practitioner
  • OHNZ takes responsibility for monitoring the worker in collaboration with key company personnel
  • Worker education on exercise, posture, movement including restrictions and health/mental health benefits
  • Psychosocial strategies
  • Occupational Health Physician may be included or lead this process if the return to work process is unnecessarily delayed.